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A Guide to the 100 Club

What is the 100 Club? - A monthly cash prize draw run by the BoEAFC committee 

How does it work? -Every month a draw takes place for cash prizes; winner's names here. 

Are there 100 numbers? - No, there are approximately 200. The more members, the more beneficial it is for the section. Prize money is linked to membership nos. 

There must be 100 members then? - You would think so, but at time of writing there are actually more than 110 members. 

So why is it called the 100 Club? - Originally there were 100 shares and 100 members. Now there are more than 100 members, many of whom have more than 1 share. 

What are the prizes? - Regular monthly cash prizes + Bumper Christmas draw. 
Nearly £1750 per year in prizes. 

How do I know if I've won? - You will receive an email. Also, as previously stated, winners will also be posted on this website. 

How do the funds support the section? 
- Helps purchase the kit the teams wear 
- Subsidises football section tours. Active 100 club members/tourists get a personal subsidy (One subsidy per member per season - 12 month qualification period for tour subsidy). 
- Supports the End of Season Dinner; 
- Assist in funding section social days and evenings 

I am not a Member, why not? - Who knows? Joining the 100 club is a cheap and fun way of supporting the football section whilst having the chance of lining your own pockets. 

How can I join? - Fill in the form here and email to 
Then, set up a Standing Order from your bank account (via internet/telephone banking). 


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