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BoE AFC Constitution

(Version 1.04 - Summer 2008)


The name of the club shall be the Bank of England Association Football Club, hereafter referred to as the Club, and as such shall form a section within the Bank of England Sports Club.


The objectives of the Club shall be the promotion of association football within the Bank of England.


The Club shall be affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA). The Club shall be a member of the Southern Amateur Football League (SAL) and also the London Financial Football Association (L.F.F.A.).


The Club, whether players or referees, may not participate in matches or against teams which are not under the jurisdiction of The Football Association or a County Association.


Membership of the Club shall be open to all staff of the Bank of England, active or on pension, and to certain categories of person having associations with the Sports Club i.e. family members, former staff etc, as laid down by the Sports Club. A limited number of total outsiders, (i.e. category 4(b) Sports Club members) shall also be permitted, the number to be set by the Sports Club. The names of such outsiders shall be reviewed by the Management Committee and Team Captains on an annual basis prior to the end of October in each season. The selection criteria for recruiting such outsiders shall be determined by the Management Committee.


The Club colours shall be predominantly gold shirts, black shorts and black socks: wherever possible, when purchasing new kit, the traditional Sports Club colours must be followed. An alternative strip shall be worn whenever there is a clash of shirt colours with a visiting club.


An annual registration fee shall be levied upon all members. The sum shall be set by the Management Committee prior to the start of each season.

The Management Committee shall have the power to waive such fees in certain cases, e.g. YTS staff.


The Club's financial year shall run from 1 June to 31 May. Proper financial accounts shall be maintained by the Hon.Treasurer. These accounts shall be audited by the two, elected, section auditors prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

All cheques written off the Club's account shall be signed by any two authorised signatories. 

A mandate has been lodged with Banking Services Group, stating that any changes to the account details must be signed by the Chairman and Treasurer of the Section.


The Officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon.Secretary, Hon.Assistant Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Hon.Match Secretary, Hon.Referees Secretary, Hon.Team Secretary and 1st XI Captain. Apart from Vice-Chairman, who shall be elected by the Management Committee at the first committee meeting following the AGM, all Officers shall be elected at the AGM. Each Officer shall retire at the end of a year but shall be eligible for re-election.


The Committee may also appoint a Life President of the Club. This appointment should be ratified at the AGM. The Life President is not an Officer of the Club.


The Management Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club, the 100 Club Treasurer, together with seven other members1 each of whom shall be elected at the AGM. Each member shall retire at the end of a year but shall be eligible for re-election.

In the event of either an Officer or member of the Management Committee retiring during the course of the year, the Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt a replacement who shall serve until the end of that year. Further, should one member hold more than one official position then additional Ex Officio members may be co-opted onto the Management Committee. 

Each member of the Management Committee shall have one vote, apart from the Chairman who shall only exercise a casting vote in the event of a tie.

Five members, of whom two must be Officers, shall form a quorum.

1. These Ex Officio members shall hold the nominal positions of Webmaster, AFA Development Officer, Social Secretary, Disciplinary Secretary and Membership Secretary, Central Bank Tour Sub Committee Chairman and Sports Club General Committee Representative.


The Management Committee shall meet once a month. An agenda for the meeting shall be circulated to all members of the Management Committee at least one week prior to the meeting. A committee meeting shall be chaired by the Club Chairman or, in his absence, by the Vice-Chairman. In the absence of both, the chair shall be taken by another Officer who shall not be the Hon.Secretary. A record shall be taken of the proceedings, circulated within two weeks of the meeting and then agreed and formally accepted at the following meeting, the acceptance being signified by the signature of the Chairman of that meeting.

The Management Committee may invite any guests to their meetings, but only officials of the Club have voting rights (this includes the 100 Club Treasurer and Ex-officio members).


The Annual General Meeting shall be held in June or July of each year. 20 members, of whom at least four shall be members of the Management Committee, shall form a quorum.

The meeting shall receive and formally adopt:
(a) the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting held in the previous year
(b) a report from the Hon.Secretary
(c) a report and financial statement from the Hon.Treasurer.

The meeting shall elect the Officers, Management Committee members and Auditors for the following season. Nominations for each position, duly seconded, must be received by the Hon.Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting. Any proposals from the membership of the Club which are to be put to the meeting for adoption must be received by the Hon.Secretary at least four weeks prior to the meeting.


A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by order of the Management Committee or upon a requisition signed by at least 20 members of the Club being received by the Hon.Secretary. 20 members, of which at least four shall be members of the Management Committee, shall form a quorum.


The Management Committee shall have the power to set up any sub-committees it may think appropriate. Sub-committees may be set up to deal with the following;

(a) Discipline
(b) Social Events 
(c) Central Bank Tours 
(d) Easter Tour 
(e) Kit 
(f) Newsletter/Website 
The Disciplinary and Central Bank Tour sub-committees will be formed with members of the Committee, although other members of the Club may be co-opted as necessary.

Other sub-committees must be chaired by a member of the Management Committee who may co-opt its other members, who need not be members of the Management Committee. Sub-committees shall not have any executive powers. Each sub-committee Chairman shall report to the Management Committee its decisions for ratification.


The Management Committee shall have the power to impose upon the members of the Club a disciplinary code of conduct which shall include the power to levy fines and to ban any members from playing and / or membership. It shall also have the power to bar any members from holding an official position within the Club. Any member so dealt with shall have the right of appeal. This must be submitted, in writing, to the Hon.Secretary not more than 1 week following notification of such sentence.


Any correspondence (including e-mail) emanating from the Club must be signed or sent by an Officer of the Club.

Correspondence received shall be reported to the Management Committee by the Hon.Secretary, or recipient if different, at the following committee meeting.


18. KIT
A set of numbered shirts (including a goalkeeper's), shorts and socks shall be provided for each team within the Club. In the case of the first team this will include numbers 2-15 to cater for Central Bank tours. 

At least one full set of different coloured numbered shirts (2-15) will be available for the first team and a full set of spare numbered shirts (2-13) for the rest of the section to use. 

Any team losing a kit or part thereof without valid reason will be expected to contribute to the replacement cost, as deemed appropriate by the Management Committee, but not less than 50%.


The Club shall participate in the following tours: 

(a) Central Bank Tours
The tours shall only be open to current members of the Bank of England staff, Bank of England Staff Pensioners (not those who have left Bank service and have deferred pensions) and currently serving, ex-Bank FSA staff, as shall the reciprocal home fixtures. The Management Committee however, shall have the right to invite no more than one non-member f staff per tour in cases of rewarding long service by such a member. 

(b) Easter Tours
These tours shall be open to all members of the Club. Numbers within a tour party will be agreed by the Management Committee. 

(c) Veteran's Tours

Additional ad hoc tours may be arranged from time to time but no tour party may travel in the name of the Club without receiving permission from the Management Committee.

Football Association permission must be obtained in order to play any away tour matches, in the UK or abroad.


20. 100 CLUB
The Club shall operate a 100 Club lottery, which shall be open to both members and non-members. The proceeds from this lottery shall first be used for tour subsidies and then for any other purpose agreed by the Management Committee for the benefit of the members of the Club.

The Treasurer shall be an elected member of the Management Committee and shall maintain proper accounts which shall be audited together with the Club accounts (see 8).


Notwithstanding this constitution, the Club shall at all times be governed by, and conduct itself within, the rules applying at any time as laid down by any of the following: 
(a) The Bank of England Sports Club 
(b) The Football Association 
(c) The Amateur Football Alliance 
(d) The Southern Amateur League 
(e) The London Financial Football Association


List of documents - held in BoE document repository.


Amendments to this Constitution shall only be made upon two-thirds majority of members present at either the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.

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