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COVID-19 AFC Announcement

Following The FA’s announcement with regards to the enforced conclusion of the 2019/20 season, for all grassroots football, the FA advised that two options were available on how each grass roots league concluded season 2019/20. It has to be made absolutely clear that these two options were the only two that Leagues were able to consider.

Option 1. Competitions are brought to an immediate end with all results for 19/20 expunged (i.e. without promotion or relegation occurring or trophies being awarded).

Option 2. League positions and promotions and relegation are resolved by a points per game calculation (no trophies are awarded ).

All AFC Clubs were asked to vote on these two options the final vote is as follows :-

Option 1 - 35 Votes

Option 2 - 32 Votes

Abstain - 2 Votes

Didn't Reply - 4 Clubs

A 2/3rds overall majority, was not secured. As Option 1 was the favoured option by AFC Executive & Fixture Committee Members and actually did gain most club votes, that is the option selected. It should be noted that the AFC will now void the 2019/20 season with no automatic promotion and relegation. As in every season the Fixtures Committee will prepare a Draft Constitution for 2020/21 once we have more encouraging news that football can actually start again, without fear of further disruption.

The Fixtures Committee will look at all teams whose playing record in the current season suggests they should play in either a higher or lower division in the 2020/21 season and we will look to promote/relegate those teams where possible. Also the two clubs that had already actually won their division, Fitzwilliam OB & Old Pegasonians, will be moved up a division as their playing record warrants.

It should be noted that all clubs will have ample opportunity to suggests changes to the draft constitution before it is voted on at the AGM (whenever and however that takes place). Finally it is the intention of the AFC to play all nine 2019 LOB Cup Finals when we have the all clear to start playing again.

As we progress over the coming months we hope that the football family in the AFC will come together to support our communities and provide them with something to look forward to, as hopefully we can start planning for and looking forward to season 20/21, when, with all being well, we will have seen the back of this horrible virus and are all able to watch and participate within the grassroots game with our friends and families once again.

On behalf of all AFC Committees we would like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes, not only involved in the grassroots game but to all who may have experienced this virus. Please stay safe and continue to follow the government guidance and precautions put in place to control its spread


Ian Andrews

AFC Secretary

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